"A Breath of Fresh Air"

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

Why Reef cleaning?

“Reef” has a meaning behind its creation and constitutes four key words that describe the mission of the company. Together with the desire of being “a breath of fresh air” the aims are

Reliable This applies to everything we do. Reliability is one of the cornerstones of our beliefs. This is instilled throughout the organisation to make sure we deliver an efficient and smooth running service. In addition, when your plans change at short notice, you can rely on us respond swiftly to your needs. With easy access to all levels of staff in the company we can go the extra mile to get you back on track.

Efficient We are enthusiastic about the services we provide. How could we not be with such long service in the industry? To achieve this we have to be efficient in how we provide the services required of us. We adopt an honest and open culture to build a trust between our clients, our staff and the company and with our extensive knowledge we understand the importance of delivering upon our promises. We want to enjoy the work we do and to take from you the stresses and strains that can accompany managing a contractor.

Environment We are also acutely aware of the environmental expectations of business in the modern day. We take this seriously and are constantly looking to see how we can reduce not just our carbon footprint but how we can assist you in achieving your environmental goals. These reviews go back through our supply chain to set demanding targets and places emphasis that all parties in the service can make a difference.

Fortitude Above all we need to have fortitude. The service is not something we perform just the once, it happens day in and day out. You need to have the strength of mind, ability and committed staff to make this happen at all times. We know from previous experience that many companies fail to give a true personal touch so we have structured ourselves in such a way that we will never lose touch with your needs. Regular meetings and reviews ensures we look to the challenges that lay ahead so they do not come as a surprise for either of us. It allows you and us to plan and budget accurately and adapt accordingly.

"A breath of fresh air"




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